Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Hits Just Keep on Comin'

Sometime in the middle of the night last night, our little blog had its 1000th hit. About three-quarters of those hits are from the States, but we've had some visitors from Canada, Denmark, the U.K., New Zealand, even Malaysia! Clearly, our site is not for all tastes, but most visitors are most likely lovers of the cinema. And that's who we are. We love movies. We love great television. That's the common thread that links us with millions of people across the world.

It's hard to believe that it was only two and a half months ago when I decided to start Flickers. It began as a little side project, a venue in which I can make public about my life-long affair with the movies. I didn't care if no one read it. I just couldn't hide it anymore. Movies are in my bloodstream, it's a part of me. Flickers was my way of showing appreciation to all of those hard workers in the film and television industry. Directors, writers, editors, cinematographers, actors, casting agents, scorers, grips, that guy who holds the boom mike. It was a way of saying thank you for providing such enlightening and dazzling storytelling, breathtaking images and indelible characters. The worlds you created in these works of art are vivid and rich.

No movie is perfect, of course. But we criticize because we love. You will be hard-pressed to find cynicism on Flickers. We're not going to lash out on why Hollywood is too greedy, why commerce too often trumps quality, why Jennifer Aniston continues to make bad movies. No. We want to focus on what works, what makes us feel good. Flickers is a place where we share our thoughts on the things that move us. Sure, we believe in tough love, but mostly, we're just smitten with this stuff.

I'm thrilled to have my partner in crime on board. I've known Pete for over 15 years. He and I share the same passion for film and, not surprisingly, we agree on quite a bit. But we created that Second Opinion column for a reason. Expect some head butts along the way.

As the site continues to build and grow, I hope more people interact with us through the comments. Share your thoughts. Share the love. There is certainly a lot of it to go around.

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