Friday, March 11, 2011

1989 is Ruled by Stupidity

"Hey, Bobbo! Look up...look look at Mr. Frying Pan! (BANG!)" - UHF

So, I'm looking through my old movie notes and I'm seeing that I liked a lot of movies from 1989 that were just plain dumb. I have such tremendous affection for them, but don't get me wrong: some of these are really bad movies. I'm not ashamed of loving them (well, maybe a little), but it surprises me to see so many titles in a single year that featured inept characters, gimmicky storylines, and juvenile humor. Where was my taste when I watched movies in 1989? Adding insult to injury, I believe I owned every single one of these on VHS. No wonder I didn't have many friends that year.

Take a look below at all of the comedies I've adored in 1989. Not exactly high art, am I right?

The 'Burbs
Collision Course
Disorganized Crime
National Lampoon Christmas Vacation
See No Evil, Hear No Evil
Three Fugitives
Turner and Hooch
Weekend at Bernie's

I know Christmas Vacation holds up, but the rest? Hmm, not so sure.


PETE said...

First of all, you were 11 or 12 so cut yourself a break! Tastes change. Also, Three Fugitives has an inspired performance from Nick Nolte and UHF still rules! Long live Conan The Librarian!

Dave said...

I'm shocked that you, of all people, liked Three Fugitives! You're hard to please when it comes to comedy. Life is full of surprises, I guess.

And everytime I see a spatula in the kitchen, I replay the "Spatula City" ad in my head over and over. "Spatula city, spatula city!" You know what that means? My tastes have not changed.


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