Thursday, June 9, 2011

Musings Through Filtered Ears #4

A series of random thoughts, kick-ass links and a movie poster that is NSFW....

Double Jackpot
Last week, when I was compiling the list of my favorite films from 1997, I was reminded of a movie going experience unlike any other.

Picture it. Boston. 1997. A chilly October afternoon.

My buddy Pete was visiting town from Ithaca. We weren't interested in sight-seeing or anything like that. No, we wanted to take in a couple of flicks. You see, we were deep into the fall movie season, otherwise known as Oscar bait season. We had to catch the movies that people were talking about. We ultimately decided on a double feature of Boogie Nights and The Ice Storm.

I have never, ever, even to this day, experienced so much greatness in a single afternoon. I can write a very lengthy post about how wonderful these films are and what they mean to me, but that's for another time. To give you an idea: if I were to compile a list called Top 20 Films of All Time, those two titles would be on it. That's how much I love them.

What are the odds of lightning striking twice in one afternoon? These weren't merely the best movies I'd seen that year but they were among the best I've seen in the 90's! And I saw them back to back! In a theater! In my experience, this is unheard of!

When both movies were both over, Pete and I had to let it all soak in before we began foaming in the mouth on the awesomeness we just witnessed. Needless to say, we discussed them for hours. Boogie Nights remains a mutual favorite for both of us, but The Ice Storm has a very special place in my heart as well.

Tell me, I'm curious. What was the most memorable theatrical double-feature you've ever experienced? I want to know what your idea of a perfect double bill is.

Truth in advertising
We need Alamo Drafthouse to come to New Jersey.

By the way, would it be called Garden State Drafthouse? Hmm, not quite as catchy.

I love this.

No, no...Thank YOU!
Flickers is fast approaching its six-month anniversary, and I think we are settling into a comfortable groove. A few weeks ago, we officially became a Lamb member (number 943, baby!) and we just passed 5000 hits.

So, a heartfelt, sincere thanks goes out to all who have visited, browsed, and commented on the blog, and an extra thanks if you referred us to your friends. We are pleased to be in such fine company among fellow movie lovers. There is a whole world of film bloggers out there and we're happy to get to know some of you.

Now THAT'S how you sell a movie 

I've been digging the marketing campaign for Fincher's adaptation of the ridiculously popular novel, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. I'm a casual fan of the book and the original Swedish film, but I'm unusually psyched for this one. Maybe it's the pedigree involved (I'm a longtime fan of Fincher's and I think Daniel Craig's casting is spot on), but I think what's drawing me to it lately is Columbia's viral marketing campaign. I know the red band trailer (now removed) and the poster above were "leaked," but they are playing it smart. This is a very sexual thriller with heavy feminist undertones and it appears that Fincher's is not shying away from that. A popular novel getting hard-R treatment from mainstream Hollywood? Count me in. And the official trailer, by the way, rocks.

Is Robert Zemeckis back?
According to several sources, it looks like my old favorite Robert Zemeckis is returning to live action filmmaking. This thrills me to no end. Now, I'm all about branching out and trying new things, but come on. He needed to take a break from the motion capture business and go back to doing what he was meant to do. Make brilliant films!

Don't get me wrong: Zemeckis is a pioneer. The Polar Express was a delightful film, magical even. The motion capture technology was bold and innovative, if not entirely successful. The dead eyes, the stiff cheeks - the faces were just a little creepy. However, he continued to push the envelope with Beowulf and A Christmas Carol (both unseen by me), but when his company made the critical and box office failure Mars Needs Moms, everything Zemeckis worked for grinded to a halt.

I feel for the guy, I do. This technology was his baby, and he kept working to improve it. But I think this is a blessing in disguise. I believe Zemeckis has some more amazing live action films in him.

He is easily one of my favorite directors. The Back to the Future trilogy, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Romancing the Stone, Forrest Gump, Contact, Cast Away, even the underrated Death Becomes Her all landed on my Best of the Year lists. I miss this guy. I miss his old-school filmmaking style and the way his movies made me feel.

So upon hearing the news that he's venturing back to real filmmaking, I cheered a little. Flight sounds like an intriguing premise (though not fantastical, like his older films), and is sure to be compelling. Washington and Zemeckis should complement one another very well.

I miss this guy, too
Finally, I leave you with this terrific GQ interview with Gene Hackman. He opens up about his retirement from acting and looks back on his most memorable roles. I smell a 5 Best post brewing in the near future.

Trouble is, how am I going to pick only five?


Anonymous said...

Gene Hackman's retired?
That's a sad loss, he's one of my favourites and definitely one of the finest actors of his generation!

Castor said...

Hilarious PSA, can't believe how entitled and rude some people can be...

Congrats on making it to 5,000 hits and becoming a part of LAMB!

Dave said...

@Paul S - Hackman's last role was 2004's "Welcome to Mooseport." It's essential that he comes out of retirement to ensure that it is not his final role.

@Castor - Thanks for the well wishes!

Dan said...

Robert Zemeckis to return to live action! This thrills me no end. I've enjoyed his animated films but he takes far too long making them. He's such a great talent and one of my favourite directors, so seeing him return to live action will be pure job. Perhaps Back To The Future IV!

Dave said...

No, no, he needs to leave BTTF alone. I love those films dearly, but the trilogy is not to be trifled with!

But yes... Long live Zemeckis!


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